Smart Facility Management

Smart Cleaning Cart

Hago Next, Netherlands

Hago Next is a cleaning company that puts innovation as one of its pillars to deliver the best sustainable cleaning solutions for its end customers. With technology supporting its employees, Hago Next provides full transparency in price and process, with the guarantee of a clean working environment

Applying Internet of Things in facility management

The choice of Hago Next for Redsalt was based on the fact that Redsalt was able to translate a business idea into a technical IoT solution and deliver a Proof of Concept within 6 weeks.

From clean office to healthy working environment

The ultimate goal of a clean office is to create a healthy environment for the people working in it. Thereby increasing the job satisfaction and reducing the overall rate of sick leaves. However, there are many factors influencing the work environment. How to know what they are, how do they influence each other and how to measure them? These questions need to be answered, before a solution can be provided.

Smart cleaning cart

In order to measure the status of the working environment the Smart Cleaning Cart has been developed. A standard cleaning cart has been equipped with a sensor box for measuring air quality (dust, CO2, humidity, temperature, light). Through the connection with an Internet of Things platform, the data can now be measured and analyzed.

Technical Specifications

Main technologies:

  • Android
  • PSoC
  • ARM┬«
  • Cortex┬«-M3
  • ThingWorx Internet of Things Platform Application
  • Eagle PCB design software
  • Various sensors connected with I2C interface.


The Proof of Concept enables Hago Next to gather data from their cleaners, that are making their cleaning rounds in the office buildings. Through the analyses of this data Hago Next will be able to advice its customers on how to provide a healthier working environment and increase productivity. The smart cleaning cart enables Hago Next to transfer from a standard cleaning company to a healthy working environment consultant.