Our Competences

Our competences range from:

  • translating the opportunity that comes from the Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics developments into real business value, to
  • having the in depth technical competences to build and maintain whole IoT and Big Data Analytics solutions.

IoT Consultancy

In order to make sure our customers can grasp the total opportunity of the Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics development, we have designed the Internet of Things Business Accelerator Program. Our IoT consultants, together with our implementation partners, support customers in defining their IoT use- and IoT business cases. We are proud to be the first to combine the Lean Six Sigma methodology with Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics.

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Software & Hardware Development

We are a unique company in that we can both provide hardware design and development services, as well as software design and development services.

We have extensive experience and knowledge of embedded software technologies as well as application-, and mobile languages.

System Integration

Building an Internet of Things Solution involves the integration of many different technologies. The high speed of standardization at all levels gives the opportunity to quickly design and build systems, without having to develop everything from scratch. Our IoT architects work closely together with our customers, selecting the most appropriate technology. We believe that especially at the design phase it is important to interact with our customers face to face. Despite the high technology grade of our work, designing meaningful solutions is still a people’s business.

Our system integration specialists are very experienced in managing the complexity that comes with integrating different technologies into a working solution.

Near Shoring

Most customers do not use near shoring as a “cheap software development” department – it is more a strategic choice to become more competetive and get better value for money spent on development. Near shoring will give a local team flexibility and access to skills you may not find in your team today.